Spike (mr1spike) wrote,

finding my ashe

I've been in a bit of a rut lately. I guess you can call it a major case of "headupthebuttitis," and it really didn't hit home until today.

One of my clients call me with a last minute dog walk for today. I had other tasks to attend to, but took it since I really like both her and her dog. She then called me while I was with her dog and asked me to do a rather simple favor for her. All I could do was come up with a multitude of whiny excuses why I couldn't do what she asked me to do. She said it was alright, but she was obviously disappointed.

My actions didn't dawn on my until after I had hung up the phone. I felt twice my age, and completely over the hill. I have always thought of myownself as being overly endowed with Ashe, a Yoruba religious concept that means "the power to make things happen," but here I was spitting out any excuse so I wouldn't have to do something well within my grasp.

As I walked and played with her dog, I devised a way to complete the task she asked me to do. I then completed it. Yes, I still am endowed with Ashe, but it appears I have to sometimes look deep within myownself to find it. It also looks like there is hope for me to get out of that above-mentioned rut. It's long past time I did.
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