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hair again

I went through some drastic changes four years ago this past summer: I quit smoking, took my last drink of alcohol, and cut my hair after wearing it long for 16 years. While giving up drinking and smoking were both done for health reasons, I cut my hair for a job that didn't pan out. I have always regretted cutting it, and finally decided to do something about it.

I'm not sure when I got my last cut, but my hair is getting long. I can't pull it back into a ponytail yet, but it is getting close. Yeah, I have a "high forehead," etc., so I think I'm going to have to get me some hats. Baseball caps really work at the moment, so I'm going to have to find something else.

No, drinking and smoking cigarettes aren't planned for the future. I'm glad those bad habits are finally behind me, though.
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Good luck with the hat thing. I don't wear hats well, so I can't offer advice to you. How are things otherwise?
Haven't I seen pictures of you in hats? For some reason a blue one comes to mind, and I remember you looked great...

I'm really busy, but I hope to lighten up my work load soon. I recently bought a horn, and I am anxious to start playing it.

How are things with you?
Busy. My recent entry best describes some of the stuff.

I spend a lot more time in my car now, since I have one job in the valley. But I don't mind so much, because I have a really pretty drive on the 210 N.

Thinking about doing a recital next year. Speaking of music, good for you! That should be fun. What styles do you like to play? Or WOULD you like to play?
Sounds like you are busy!

Yeah, I like driving the 210 N, also.

I hope to be able to play classical, jazz, and Latin jazz. I'm thinking of taking a symphonic band class at SMC -- when I'm ready.
SMC= Santa Monica College?

Sorry, I'm not up on my acronymns. I should take some classes again. I kind of miss the school feel.