Spike (mr1spike) wrote,

car talk

I was going to the Pacific Palisades branch of my bank yesterday when this 86-year-old lady approached me and asked me about my car. (I have a support the earth ribbon magnet I got from Kent Bullard and a Green Depot, my former employer, bumper sticker on the back of my car.) She wanted to know if I was using a "special" fuel. I told her I just use a renewable fuel that can be purchased at the Palisades Gas and Wash. She then asked if she or anyone can use it? I told her one needs to have a diesel in order to use biodiesel. It was great to hear her say what a shame it was for California not to allow the sale of new diesel vehicles when biodiesel is so much better for the environment.

We went on to talk about how great it was to see so many hybrids in the Palisades -- especially since there are so many SUVs the size of living rooms in this part of LA. It was a really cool encounter. It was almost as cool as when a local hero of the electric/hybrid/plug-in car crowd complimented my car last week. (She and her husband use biodiesel in their truck.)

Actually, it was just as cool, but in a completely different way. ;)
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